What was the cause of Waheed Murad’s death?

Velvet eyes on Sanoli Rangat and cheerful dresses made Waheed Murad the highly educated film hero of his era. Judgment Day was his hairstyle that used to be duplicated madly. He is also known as ‘Woman Killer’ because he was blindfolded to the side where he could see. He worked in 124 films which are still an asset to Lollywood.

He was awarded a medal in 2010, 27 years after his death.

Waheed Murad was accidentally killed in September 1983 while driving a car on Ravi Road in Lahore. After the treatment, a wound on the lip and eyelid on the eye was left, followed by plastic surgery.

On November 11, he accompanied his six-year-old son, Adil, to Karachi. His wife, Salma Murad, had gone to the United States to visit her sister, Mary. His daughter Aaliyah also accompanied him. Waheed had two flats in Karachi but stayed at Defense Society’s home of his sister, Begum Mumtaz Ayub. On November 13, they celebrated Adil’s seventh birthday. The next day it took time for a plastic surgery operation at the Mid East Hospital.

He was given no time on November 24 but did not return. His heartbeat closed on the morning of November 23. His body was taken to Lahore with his mother. She became traumatized.

The news of Waheed Murad’s death spread like wildfire in the forest. Studios closed in Lahore Not only the people of the film industry walked towards his room but a crowd of fans gathered for the funeral. Director Shaukat Hashmi states that there was a gathering of about 25,000 at the funeral of Waheed Murad.

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