The 81-year-old man’s blood has been the cause of saving the lives of two million children. Is there something in his blood that is not in the blood of anyone else in the world?

There are human blood types and specialists have divided them into different types depending on their properties. A negative, A positive, B negative, B positive, O negative, O positive. Human blood donors receive donations to save a patient’s life, but you will be surprised to find that there is a person in the world who has been donating his blood for decades. And with his blood, millions of children have been saved.

The 81-year-old man is James Harrison, whose blood contains an unusual antibody used in life-saving medicine for children suffering from the disease called Rhesus. James has been donating his blood for decades to make this medicine and give it to the sick children. Her bloodstream drug has saved the lives of 24 million children so far. James Harrison has a hero status in Australia. He has been donating blood plasma with his right hand for the past six decades. Because of this, people also call him “the person with the gold arm”.

In 1960, he started working with doctors to produce injections of antibodies in his blood. This injection was named as’ anti-needle. This vaccine is intended to prevent the delivery of RHD antibodies during pregnancy to the body of pregnant women belonging to the negative blood group. If a baby with a positive blood group is nourished in the stomach of such a mother, then these RHD antibodies are a threat to her blood cells. James said, “I had a lung operation at the age of 14, after the operation, my father told me that doctors gave me 13 liters of blood to save my life, all of which was donated by unknown persons.” General Chat Chat Lounge I vowed the same day that I would donate blood throughout my life. ”According to the report, James has donated blood more than a thousand times so far, but he says he still does not need a needle in his body. Can see When the needle is inserted into their body, they turn the mouth to the other side.

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