FBR Collected Rs. 231 Million in Six Months for Phones Registered With DIRBS

FBR Collected Rs. 231 Million in Six Months for Phones Registered With DIRBS

The Federal Board of sales (FBR) has accumulated Rs. 231 million at the import of 120,741 cellular phones from January 15, 2019 to July 15, 2019 under the visitor bags scheme.

in line with the statistics supplied by means of the FBR before the Senate status Committee on facts era and Telecommunications, a total of 715,990 duty-unfastened cellular phones were imported from January 15, 2019 to July 15, 2910.

FBR’s records revealed that six slabs of obligations and taxes are applicable at the import of mobile phones beneath the luggage scheme inside the Finance Act 2019.

In mild of the federal cabinet’s choice as of January 15, 2019, a complete of 357 million IMEIs — that have been previously unregistered with PTA — were transformed to compliant and registered fame.

All gadgets that connected to any cell network after January 15, 2019 have been required to be registered within 60 days from whilst first seen on any cellular network.

a total of 10,273,531 devices seen on the network had been blocked on a rolling foundation upon the lapse of 60 days caution duration. prior to blocking, as per SOP, an SMS became despatched to customers informing them about their tool’s unregistered fame and warning them approximately the tool being blocked.

The statistics found out that the fixed tax fees, as consistent with Finance Act 2019, are as following:

Mobile phone having a value of up to US $30: Rs. 300
Mobile phone with a value between US $30-100: Rs 2,940
Mobile phone valued between US $100-200: Rs 4,510
Mobile phone valued between US $202-350: Rs 6,180
Mobile phone valued between US $350-500: Rs 17,650
Mobile phone valued between above US $500: Rs 31,250

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This basically manner that if a telephone is priced at $750, a hard and fast tax charge of Rs. 31,250 might be deducted to get such a phone activated in Pakistan.

earlier this month, single smartphone allowance under the luggage scheme became withdrawn and now all telephones introduced to Pakistan via expats — after July 1st 2019 — ought to be registered with DIRBS after paying relevant taxes.

It ought to be mentioned right here that global tourists commonly bring used phones with them, i.e. the face price of telephones is much less than what’s registered with the FBR and for this reason they may be taxed the same as new telephones i.e. better than the smartphone’s real fee.

An older iPhone model, for example, may be priced with FBR at extra than $500 and consequently same tax slab could be implemented. In fact, the phone can be of a lot lesser fee due to depreciation in fee through the years or because the phone is used and not new.

FBR is but to plan a way to tax such used telephones — that come with a lower price tag and have to be taxed at a decrease fee.

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